2021 Beef Days Bag Tournament

Tournament starts at 1:00 pm Saturday, July 17.
Online Tournament Registration

Bean Bag tournament rules:

  • 2 person teams – entry fee is $40 per team.
  • One team member on each end.
  • One team member on each side of the board.
  • Contestant must throw from behind the foul line.
  • Players on the same end (opposite teams) alternate turns throwing.
  • First team to reach 21 wins: 3 points for bag through the hole, 1 point for bag landing on board.
  • Points cancel each other: if Team A scores 5 points and Team B scores 3 then Team A officially scores 2 points.
  • Double Elimination tournament.  One game per round, winner of each game moves on.

Bags that hit the ground before landing on the board are considered a foul throw and must be removed before the next throw. Bags count if they are hanging over the edge of the board. If they are hanging over the front but touching the ground, a wrestler will lift the board up to see if the bag stays on or falls off before scoring is calculated.

The last team to score throws first.

If the board moves as a result of a throw it will be re-positioned after the last throw of the turn and before the next bags are thrown.

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