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2009 Pedal Tractor Pull

Results from the 2009 Big Country Seeds Pedal Tractor Pull:

Class 1: 35 and under:
1st- Mackenzie Dvorsky
2nd-Spencer Sebetka
3rd-Michael Devalk

Class 2: 36-40:
1st- Lukas Swanson
2nd- Brandon Hoit
3rd- Mia Borowski

Class 3: 41-45:
1st- Dakota Johnson
2nd- Dawson Welch
3rd-Sydney Bildstein

Class 4: 46-50:
1st-Mitchel Shingledecker
2nd- Austin Schwake
3rd- Sulvia Havlicek

Class 5: 51-55:
1st- Dain Stolbe
2nd- Lucas Tepoel
3rd-Denver Haight

Class 6: 56-60:
1st- Jada Murphy
2nd-Braytion Bair
3rd- Hunter Schrock

Class 7: 61-70:
1st- Christian Haight
2nd- Jack Stahle
3rd- Hayes Diersen

Class 8: 71-80:
1st- Olivia Erenberger
2nd- Emma Hartman
3rd- J.C. Miller

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2009 Race Results

The race was another fantastic one.  Thank you for all who participated and thank you to all the wonderful race sponsors.

Race Results

(Complete race results)


Open Men
Travis Robertson, 22, Iowa City, IA 15:40

Open Women
Erin Moeller, 32, Mount Vernon, IA 17:50

Men Under 15
Nate Marti, 14, Mount Vernon, IA   19:03
Zach Slusher, 14, Solon, IA   19:17
Brent Kennicott, 14 20:21

Men 15 – 18
Matt Stocker, 16, Solon, IA 17:44
Kyle Schaffer, 18, Oxford, IA 17:54
Michael Ropp, 16, Cedar Rapids, IA 18:34

Men 19 – 29
Phil Young, 23, North Liberty, IA 16:26
Tyler Sullivan, 21, Coralville, IA 16:41
Brooks McLaren, 24, North Liberty, IA 17:33

Men 30 – 39
Gregg Hennigan, 31, Coralville, IA 18:06
Louis Pelsang, 35, Iowa City, IA 18:27
Jeff Allen, 35, Iowa City, IA 18:29

Men 40 – 49
Michael Kabela, 42, North Liberty, IA 18:02
Jeff Nietert, 48, Cedar Rapids, IA 18:25
James Pelsang, 44, Iowa City, IA 18:29

Men 50 – 59
Jim Quigley, 52, Cedar Rapids, IA 18:25
David Robertson, 51, Iowa City, IA 19:16
Brien Burke, 52, Toddville, IA 19:54

Men 60 & Up
Jim Shimek, 61, Cedar Rapids, IA 20:06
Thomas Wolfe, 60, St Belleville, IL 20:21
Bruce Bachmann, 60, Cedar Rapids, IA 23:41

Women Under 15
Loren Benzing, 14, Solon, IA 21:59
Lindsay Mueller, 14, Cedar Rapids, IA 22:54
Lauren Wilch, 14, Mount Vernon, IA 23:13

Women 15 – 18
Kelsey Hart, 18, Solon, IA 19:12
Cassidy White, 17, West Branch, IA 20:16
Taylor Aitchisson, 15 21:11

Women 19 – 29
Melanie Catlett, 29, North Liberty, IA 20:28
Jennifer Krohn, 28 21:35
Alex Dooley, 21, Solon, IA 22:11

Women 30 – 39
Jennifer Wick, 31, Solon, IA 22:12
Vanessa Beyer, 30 22:50
Lily Phonphiboun, 32, Iowa City, IA 23:30

Women 40 – 49
Sheryl Miller, 46, Coralville, IA 19:40
Deb Gaddis, 42, Solon, IA 20:27
Patty Benzing, 41, Solon, IA 22:11

Women 50 – 59
Belinda Gee, 51, Cedar Rapids, IA 24:19
Brenda Johnson, 58, Cheyenny, WY 28:26
Robyn Schaefer, 51, Conroy, IA 28:48

1 Mile

Open Men
Michael Kabela, 42, North Liberty, IA 5:21

Open Women
Paige Holub, 9, Coggon, IA 7:14

Men Under 5
Jace Fopma, 4, Marion, IA 8:49
Ryan Moeller, 4, Mount Vernon, IA 10:51
Nate Ferguson, 4, Solon, IA 11:31

Men 5 – 6
Isaac Milliman, 6, Solon, IA 9:44
Landon Shive, 5 10:10
William Cochran, 6, Minneapolis, MN 10:12

Men 7 – 8
Kyle Hefley, 8, Iowa City, IA 6:47
Grant Jensen, 7 8:23
Colin Zahradnik, 8, Cedar Rapids, IA 8:26

Men 9 – 10
Jeremy Fopma, 9, Marion, IA 6:47
Joe Norris, 9, Ankeny, IA 7:01
Dermot Weldon, 9, LeClaire, IA 7:18

Men 11 – 12
Vaclau Santolikova, 12, Czech Republic 6:36
Liam Weldon, 12, LeClaire, IA 6:39
Dillon Drake, 11, Solon, IA 6:45

Men 13 – 15
Drew Stevens, 14 6:28
Charlie Jedlicka, 13, Solon, IA 7:34

Men 16 – 18
Kyle Kienholz, 16 5:26

Men 19 & Up
Andre Moorman, 27, Cedar Rapids, IA 6:10
Gary Stinocher, 45, Solon, IA 6:11
Mike Adams, 32, Marion, IA 6:23

Women Under 5
Aliyah Al-Hameed, 3, North Liberty, IA 10:05
Maria Milliman, 4, Solon, IA 12:24
Eric Buresh, 2

Women 5 – 6
Leah Holub, 6, Coggon, IA 9:26
Ashley Stinocher, 6, Solon, IA 13:50

Women 7 – 8
Peyton Steva, 7 8:37
Carlie, 7, Center Point, IA 9:53
Vanessa Milliman, 8, Solon, IA 10:01

Women 9 – 10
Meghan Brune, 10, Walford, IA 7:24
Madison Pfeiffer, 9, Walker, IA 9:14
Maisie Ryan, 10 9:24

Women 11 – 12
Jana Santolikova, 11, Czech Republic 7:26
Molly Walkner, 12, Solon, IA 7:40
Lindsey Reicks, 11, Solon, IA 7:45

Women 13 – 15
Brittany Stinocher, 14, Solon, IA 7:45
Jessie Patton, 13, Sioux City, IA 8:57

Women 19 & Up
Laurie Stinocher, 43, Solon, IA 8:58
Jessica Milliman, 31, Solon, IA 9:44
Tammy Peicks, 39, Solon, IA 11:24

<li class=”title”>Friday July 17 2009</li>
<li><img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-26″ title=”july17″ src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”july17″ width=”94″ height=”73″ /></li>
<li>1 pm :: <a href=”/golf-tournament/” mce_href=”/golf-tournament/”>Golf Tournament</a></li>
<li>5 pm :: Terry McCauley</li>
<li>7 pm :: Hay Bale Toss (6:30 reg.)</li>
<li>9 pm :: <a href=”” mce_href=”” target=”_blank”>Crazy Delicious </a></li>
<li class=”title”>Saturday July 18 2009</li>
<li><img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-27″ title=”july18″ src=”” mce_src=”” alt=”july18″ width=”94″ height=”73″ /></li>
<li>7 am :: <a href=”/5k-1-mile-runs/” mce_href=”/5k-1-mile-runs/”>5k &amp; 1 Mile Runs</a></li>
<li>11am :: <a href=”” mce_href=”” target=”_blank”>Eastern Iowa Brass Band</a></li>
<li>1 pm :: Leo Shima Country Sounds</li>
<li>3 pm :: Twist &amp; Shout</li>
<li>6 pm :: <a href=”” mce_href=”” target=”_blank”>Morning After</a></li>
<li>9 pm :: <a href=”” mce_href=””>Jake Mcvey</a></li>
<a href=”/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/09fullschedule.pdf” mce_href=”/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/09fullschedule.pdf” target=”_blank”>View &amp; print full schedule of events</a>.
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2009 Press Release

Date: June 24, 2009

From: Gary Bentrim, Solon Beef Days Committee President

Subject:  Beef Days Press Release

This year On Friday/Saturday, July 17th & 18th, Solon Beef Days will hold its 38th celebration.  This two day event, traditionally starting the third Friday in July, has collected and donated over $318,000 back into the community and surrounding area since 1971.

We hope to make this year’s celebration as special as last year with more activities than ever before. One event we will be bringing back again this year is the car raffle giving away a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LS Sedan Saturday night around 10pm at the bandstand.  Proceeds from that raffle will help defer the Celebration’s expenses to raise more money for community projects.  As usual, we will have Kid’s Corner with games, clowns, magicians, dancers, etc.  We again will have the Carnival on the Midway right down Main Street.  The Food Court featuring our signature Rib Eye Steak dinners, steak sandwiches, pork burgers and various other sandwiches and treats will be by the Band Stand with 8 different bands playing over the weekend.  Other major events include a 2-man best shot golf tournament at Lake MacBride Golf Course Friday afternoon at 1pm, the Solon Optimist Beef Days Fishing Derby at Brosh’s pond at 11:30am Saturday and the 5K Run Saturday morning featuring some world-class runners and the Annual Beef Days Parade starting at 10:00am, which has become one of largest candy throwing Parade’s in Eastern Iowa.

In the last few years we have expanded the celebration to include new things at Kid’s Corner that has free events and activities both days for kids of all ages.  Kid’s Corner has added many performing groups and activities from the surrounding area to provide new and different things to the celebration.

We have also concentrated on having live music throughout the entire weekend.  This year is no exception with a new high of 8 different bands or groups playing.  We start with a street dance Friday night with Terry McCauley at 5pm before the famous Hay Bale toss at 7pm.  Then at 9:00pm we will have a favorite Crazy Delicious to close out the evening.  We then kick off Saturday at the Bandstand with the Eastern Iowa Brass Band starting right after the parade at 11:00am. Then at 1pm we will feature Leo Shima Country Sounds from 1:00pm-3:00pm with an Arm Wrestling tournament going on in the afternoon.  This will be followed by Twist & Shout from 3pm to 6pm.,  We round out Saturday evening with a great old time favorite Morning After from 6:00pm-9:00pm and then Jake Mcvey till 12:30am.

Friday July 17 2009

Saturday July 18 2009

What’s different about our celebration is that we are a family oriented event with most of the activities being free.  There is no cover charge to listen to the bands, enter the children’s events, etc. and any money spent, all of the profits go right back into the community and surrounding area.  Many activities are funded by local businesses through their donations to the Beef Days Committee and all of the food providers are area non-profit organizations that have taken much of their profits throughout the years and returned it to the area in some fashion or another.  For many, the Solon Beef Days venue is their largest fundraiser.  Solon Beef Days has become a tradition for Eastern Iowa and has provided a source of income to do the community and area projects that may never have been funded if not for this annual celebration.  Almost every activity or event in this two-day celebration is staffed and managed by over 450 volunteers.

If you have questions, comments visit our web site at or if you would like to donate or get involved in this event, please feel free to give Gary Bentrim, President of Solon Beef Days Committee a call at 624-2918.

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2009 T-Shirt/Logo Design

Thank you for all the people who submitted entires for the 2009 logo entries.

Beef Days 2009 Logo1st Place: Shannon Blazek of Cedar Rapids

2nd Place: Nate Canton of Ely

3rd Place: A. Wright of Coralville

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2009 Scholarship Winners

The criteria in which they are selected are based upon three categories:

  1. Academic performance, need and extracurricular activity while in High School
  2. An individual one page Essay they’ve submitted about their individual community involvement And
  3. Their actual Community Service throughout the years

Evan Stout, Maggie Randall and Erin Blind, Carlee Croy

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2009 – Proud Sponsors

Beef Days Event Level ($500 and above)

Fleck Sales : E & J Electric & GeoThermal Inc. : Ruzicka’s Meats
Brosh Chapel & Community Center : Solon Economist  : Dan Lynch Ford
Digital Turtle : KCRG, TV-9 : KGAN, TV-2 : Lasso “E” Camper Sales
Lake McBride Golf Course : Mark’s Autobody : Johnson Co. Pork Producers
Saddleback Ridge

Partner Level ($300 – $499)

Lovetinsky Harapat Auto Service : Solon Station : Casey’s General Store
Ely Fire Dept. : Express Plus, Dave Haight : Lynch Excavating
New Horizon F.S. Inc. : Nextel Partners : RB’s Small Engine

Proud Sponsor Level ($100 – $299)

Friends of the Solon Library : Chris’ Excavating : Solon Barbershop &Laundromat : Brown Well Pump Service : Brown Concrete & Backhoe : Solon Nursing Care Center : Solon State Bank : Hills Bank & Trust : Solon Heating & Air Conditioning : Solon Dental Clinic : Jay Profitt  : Construction : Barnhart’s Custom Services : Carol & Kevin Kidwell : Naughton Insurance Agency : Mercy Services, Iowa City : Jim Martinek :
F.J. Krob & Co. : Foundry Equipment Co. : North Liberty Clinic of Chiropractic : Solon Truck & Tractor : Play & Learn Preschool : Marengo Monument Co. : Graphic Printing & Design : Lee’s Ag Clinic : Donovan & Glick Inc. : Broghammer & Associates : Tepoel Dump Trucking : Land Plumbing Inc. : Sam’s Main Street Market : Joensy’s Restaurant : Johnson Co. Cattleman’s Assoc. : Mid American Energy : T & K Roofing : Ellison Insurance : Memorials by Michel

Contributor Level ($25 – $99)

Sutliff Store : Loretta’s Beauty Shop : Solon Video Land : Ken’s Auto Clinic : LTM Trucking : Harry’s Custom Trophy : Corridor Connection : All Aboard Daycare : Davis Veterinary : Solon Trustworthy Hardware : Solon Veterinary Clinic : Timberview Farms, Bob & Loretta Dvorsky

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2009 Donation Report

Date: May 11, 2009

From: Gary Bentrim, Solon Beef Days Committee President

Subject: Beef Days Press Release

Solon Beef Days Committee is proud to announce this year’s recipients of their annual donations which are earmarked each year in April to be given back to the community and surrounding area. The following organizations and activities were chosen on the merit of their projects as this year’s recipients.

Solon Beef Days 2009 Project and Activity Funding

Solon Living Roadways $2,500 Solon Student Activities $600
Solon Spotlight $2,000 Church Mission (Tony Green) $500
Solon H.S. Scholarships (4) $2,000 Solon Economic Development $500
Solon Senior Advocates $1,500 St. Mary’s Youth Camp $500
Solon Educational Foundation $1,500 Solon Science Fair $500
Win with Reading Program $1,000 Solon Dance Team $500
Lake McBride State Park $1,000 Methodist Church Youth Group $500
Lake McBride Fireworks $1,000 Project Prom $300
Veterans Memorial $1,000/yr/5yr $1,000 Solon Athletic Booster Club $250
Solon Historical Preservation $750 TOTAL $18,400

The Solon Beef Days Committee has donated approximately $320,000 over the past 37 years to local organizations, activities and projects. “Our charter is to touch as many worthy projects and activities within the community and surrounding area,” said Gary Bentrim, President of Solon Beef Days Committee. ” We look at the number of people we are going to impact along with the betterment of the community”. “We view our committee as the organizer and catalyst to put on the annual celebration where most of the non-profit organizations within the community that take part in Beef Days have their largest fund raiser.” “Many, without Beef Days would not have the funding to do all of the great things they are doing.” ” It’s the one event each year that the whole community can be proud of that funds many of the activities that go on throughout the year.”

This year Solon Beef Days will be celebrating their 38th Anniversary to be held on Friday/Saturday, July 17th and 18th..