2009 Donation Report

Date: May 11, 2009

From: Gary Bentrim, Solon Beef Days Committee President

Subject: Beef Days Press Release

Solon Beef Days Committee is proud to announce this year’s recipients of their annual donations which are earmarked each year in April to be given back to the community and surrounding area. The following organizations and activities were chosen on the merit of their projects as this year’s recipients.

Solon Beef Days 2009 Project and Activity Funding

Solon Living Roadways $2,500 Solon Student Activities $600
Solon Spotlight $2,000 Church Mission (Tony Green) $500
Solon H.S. Scholarships (4) $2,000 Solon Economic Development $500
Solon Senior Advocates $1,500 St. Mary’s Youth Camp $500
Solon Educational Foundation $1,500 Solon Science Fair $500
Win with Reading Program $1,000 Solon Dance Team $500
Lake McBride State Park $1,000 Methodist Church Youth Group $500
Lake McBride Fireworks $1,000 Project Prom $300
Veterans Memorial $1,000/yr/5yr $1,000 Solon Athletic Booster Club $250
Solon Historical Preservation $750 TOTAL $18,400

The Solon Beef Days Committee has donated approximately $320,000 over the past 37 years to local organizations, activities and projects. “Our charter is to touch as many worthy projects and activities within the community and surrounding area,” said Gary Bentrim, President of Solon Beef Days Committee. ” We look at the number of people we are going to impact along with the betterment of the community”. “We view our committee as the organizer and catalyst to put on the annual celebration where most of the non-profit organizations within the community that take part in Beef Days have their largest fund raiser.” “Many, without Beef Days would not have the funding to do all of the great things they are doing.” ” It’s the one event each year that the whole community can be proud of that funds many of the activities that go on throughout the year.”

This year Solon Beef Days will be celebrating their 38th Anniversary to be held on Friday/Saturday, July 17th and 18th..