Food Guidelines

Solon Beef Days Celebration

Rules, Regulations & Guidelines For Food & Beverage Vendors


To help insure the ongoing success of the Solon Beef Days activities, please read very carefully the guidelines set out so that there will be no misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or assumptions that will interfere with a smooth, cooperative, and successful Beef Days Celebration.

A Main Street food vendor( group or organization) agrees to operate from 4:00 P.M. to no later than Midnight on Friday and 12:00 Noon to no later than Midnight on Saturday.

Set-up must be done between 11:00 A.M. on Thursday and 3:00pm on Friday. Tear down may not begin until after the final performance at the main bandstand on Saturday night. The fences will not be taken down until after all spectators have been moved out of Main Street. Tear Down must be completed by 9:00am on Sunday morning before the streets open back up at 10:00am.

A tenure policy has been established. This status has been granted to the Main non-profit organizational food vendors who are the Charter members who make up “Solon Beef Days Committee”. Tenured status assures the vendor of the same location and their “exclusive” food items for the next year. Menu changes approved by the Solon Beef Days Committee will not affect a vendor’s tenured status. If the event must be relocated, every effort will be made to give the group a comparable location taking into consideration electricity, space, and other factors.

The tenured status can be nullified due to non-conformance with the established guidelines or the group no longer chooses to participate in the celebration.

The following items will be considered: (a) Local vendors versus out-of-town vendors, (b) Non-profit status vendors
versus voluntary organizational vendors, (c) Food menu items to be sold, (d) Space available, and (e) Electricity available. Since all of the above must be considered, the Beef Days Committee reserves the right to select the vendors who will be participating as well as assign locations and approve food menus. The decision of the Solon Beef Days Committee will be final.

Tenured vendors will automatically be allowed to sell the “exclusive” menu items approved by Solon beef Days committee.
No two vendors are allowed to sell the same “exclusive” menu items in the Main Street area (unless the “exclusive” item has been “grandfathered”). An “exclusive” menu item may be a food or beverage item. Carbonated soft drinks, iced tea, coffee, may not be “exclusive” menu items. All other foods & beverages may be protected from duplication by a vendor as an “exclusive” menu item. Non-exclusive menu items may be sold by any vendor. Each vendor will be notified of all “exclusive” menu items in their area. Any vendor violating the “exclusive” rules will be notified and if the violation continues, the vendor will be automatically banned from future Celebrations. The Solon Beef Days Committee reserves the right to restrict or limit menus submitted.

Due to the limited space available, each vendor will be granted a certain number of square feet which will include any overhangs. No additional space will be allowed under any circumstances. Tents and/or canopies must be well constructed and neat appearing. For maximum stability, all tents must be anchored and placed so as not to provide a tripping hazard.

Group’s that sold at last year’s event and have complied with all guidelines will, in all probability, be placed at the same location as the previous year. If a vendor wishes to relocate, this should be noted on the application form. First preference for any
newly vacated location will be given to prior year vendors. The Solon Beef Days Booth Chairperson will be available to assist new vendors regarding their exact location. Arrangements may be made for a meeting time prior to the Celebration. A general letter of acceptance including a map denoting your exact location will be mailed to each booth requester well in advance of the Celebration.

Each group or organization accepts full responsibility for all liability for damages to persons or property arising out of its use and occupancy of the premises, and further understands that the premises presently used are the property of the City of Solon and that neither the City nor Solon Beef Days Committee assumes any responsibility for damages or losses that may occur to the vendor, its employees, agents, or property by reason of such occupancy. Each group or organization shall, prior to its use of the premises, give to Solon Beef Days Committee a copy of a policy of public liability insurance (from a company acceptable to the Solon Beef Days Committee and the City of Solon) naming Solon Beef Days Committee, the City of Solon, Iowa as additional insured’s.

This policy shall include coverage for products-completed operations, bodily injury, and property damage liability in the amount of one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence with no less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) in the aggregate. Since this is a requirement of both Solon Beef Days Committee and the City of Solon, failure to provide this coverage will result in the exclusion of a violating vendor from the Celebration.

Each approved vendor (group or organization) will be responsible for having either a permanent or temporary sales tax permit or must be a registered non-profit corporation whose sales are not subject to sales tax. Each vendor must have at their site, their
sales tax permit or a copy of their non-profit exemption letter. Unless the vendor is a non-profit organization, each vendor must provide their sales tax number and exact name on their application. Prior to the start of the Celebration this information could be given to the Iowa Department of Revenue. An auditor could check for these permits.

Each vendor agrees to follow all latest Johnson County Public Health Department regulations related to food and beverage distribution. Permits are required and will be provided by the Beef Days Committee at a mandatory meeting of all food vendors. The vendor must have all paperwork filled out with their $33.50 check upon inspection Friday afternoon before selling.

A limited amount of electricity is available for each site. Each vendor must take this into consideration when planning their menu. Many items can be cooked or warmed with no electricity. Also, pop can be dispensed utilizing iced cold plates that require no
electricity. Gas burners often can be used for heating purposes. Please do your planning well in advance so that you do not have a problem with electricity. All electrical cords must follow safety recommendations. To reduce the risk of blowing a fuse, heavy-duty extension cords must be used. Your maximum electrical requirements must be on your application form. THE ELECTRICITY AVAILABLE MUST NOT BE USED FOR COOKING PURPOSES. REQUESTS FOR ELECTRICITY IN EXCESS OF 30 AMPS WILL NOT BE APPROVED.

All vendors agree to pay $75 booth fee to the Solon Beef Days Committee before being assigned a location. This is due by the first of July usually paid at the June mandatory meeting for food vendors.

Generators or any other noisy equipment that may interfere with music are prohibited.

Vendors will only be allowed to utilize vehicles to move equipment and supplies to their allocated location before the start and finish each day. These times may vary from one area to another. You will be notified of the time schedule for your area. All vendors must obey all signs posted by the Solon Streets Department.

Each vendor must police their own area and dispose of refuse in the dumpsters provided by the Solon Beef Days Committee. This must be done on a regular basis so that the trash does not accumulate. Our Celebration must be kept
as clean as possible and everyone’s cooperation is required. Vendors must provide their own containers for the disposal of hot coals.

Bags of ice can be purchased by vendors at local establishments. Try to support the local businesses that
SUPPORT Beef Days.

All applications must be picked up at a Beef Days meeting and approved by the Committee no
later than July 1.

Any questions can be mailed to:

Solon Beef Days Committee
P.O. Box 355
Solon, IA 52333

These guidelines have been established to promote fairness and equality in selection of vendors, assignment of locations, and assignment of menus. No guidelines can cover every possible situation. Therefore, the Committee must exercise its discretion in a manner which will be best for the Celebration as well as participants. Any decision of the Solon Beef Days Committee will be final.