2010 President’s Message

Date: April 26, 2010

From: Gary Bentrim, Solon Beef Days Committee President

Subject:  Beef Days Thank You

This year On Friday/Saturday, July 16th/17th, we will celebrate the 39th Anniversary of Solon Beef Days and I’m sure we will have another successful year.  Many people may not know the enormous amount of time and effort that goes into planning and executing an event like Solon Beef Days.  We meet all Winter long in getting ready for the next year’s event.  At this time I would like to publicly thank those who play a major role either as Committee Chair’s or in planning and turning this into such a successful Community celebration.   As with any thank you, you always run the risk of leaving someone out and for that I apologize now.  If you know and see any of these people, thank them for the great job they did getting ready for this year.  Without their hundreds of hours of volunteering, we would not be able to celebrate an event like Solon Beef Days or fund many of the projects we see in our city and surrounding area.

They are:

Don Ellis, Bob Stinocher, Marv Stastny, Denise Bentrim, Kris Brown, Bob Eubanks, Kevin and Chris Blind, Loren Elliott, Ryan Bentrim, Tom Clingerman, Dean Manternach Marv Stastny, Tony Green, Jim Huber, DeWayne Klouda, Brad and Regina Randall, Tom Altman, Kevin Hotz, Mark and Marilee Ramsey, Denise and Becky Moses, Mike and Shelley Reeve, Norm Ziskovsky, Scott Slaton, Don Miller, Mike Rice, Todd Linderbaum, Chris Handley, Our City Council, Scott Kleppe, Greg Nigg and all of the City staff, Cassandra Lippincott, Susie Siddell, John and Kendra Schmidt and everyone at E&J Electric.

Gary Bentrim