Beef Days Parade – 10am Saturday

Parade 10 am Saturday

Parade Route

Would you like to be in the parade?

If you would like to join in the parade – line up anytime after 8am – here is the form:

** Parade Entry Form

Parade entries need to print out the form, fill it out ahead of time and bring it to the staging area.


All parade vehicle and participants are to use Hagaman Lane off of highway 1 to stage on Stinocher Street to line up. Please see the map below.

Please read carefully!

Solon Beef Days Parade Policies


Animal entries should be equipped with animal diapers if possible.  Animal entries accept responsibility for their behavior in the staging area and Parade route.  Failure to comply with this request may result in being pulled from the parade line-up and/or not being  allowed to participate in future Solon Beef Days parades.

Candidates who are running for office can walk or ride as an entry in the main body of the parade and should include the actual candidate.  Elected officials desiring to be in the parade are placed after the Beef Days Dignitary Line-up [in front of the main parade body] which goes off after the Flag Carrying groups at the start of the actual parade.

ABSOLUTELY NO water guns, squirt guns, or other water spraying equipment will be allowed due to overwhelming spectator complaints.

Prior approval is necessary for any planned stops [i.e., main Reviewing Stand, etc.] during the parade procession as we are trying to keep the parade moving.  The maximum stop time that would be allowed [if approved] is 30 seconds, so those groups used to taking more time for short performances will need to rethink their routine.

The float trailer lengths cannot exceed 45′ or be wider than 8′ and have to be able to make the 3rd of trailer length.  Experienced tractor drivers only!! and Main Street corner safely without jumping the curb, regardless.

No amplified music shall exceed 85 decibels.

Neither the City of Solon nor the Solon Beef Days Celebration bears any responsibility for personal injuries or property damage inflicted by or on any participants in the parade.  Parade participants should be properly insured against medical, property damage, or personal liability occurring to themselves or to any other person in connection with parade or parade activities.

The Solon Beef Days Celebration Board of Directors reserves the right at any time to refuse participation in the parade of any entry deemed inappropriate.


  • On the parade registration form, mark the box indicating the category in which you wish to be judged.
  • Only original floats constructed for the Solon Beef Days Parade will be accepted for competition.
  • All judging takes place prior to the parade so arriving at the staging area at 9:00am is required to be an entry in any category.