2017 Beef Days: 3 on 3 Basketball Tourney

The 2nd Annual Basketball 3on3 tournament is a Solon Beef Days sanctioned event, run by the Lady Spartan Girls Basketball team.  Open to Girls and Boys in 7th/8th grades, and 9th grade-Adult Depending on the number of teams registered, the tournament is formatted in either a round robin or 8 team double-elimination bracket.  Prizes awarded to 1st and 2nd place in each division.

1pm: Girls/Boys 7th-8th divisions
3pm: Girls/Boys 9th-Adult


New Middle School playground


Will take first 8 teams registered per division

  • Online Registration
  • Mail in this form with $30 to: Lisa Bishop, 520 S. Dubuque St.  Solon, IA 52333
  • Walk-up registration from 12-12:30pm on July 22nd (First 8 teams registered in each division)


  • Capped at 8 teams per division
  • Teams consist of a maximum of 4 players with 3 playing on the court
  • Games will be 15 minutes each
  • Based on the weather, game times may be moved in the Middle School (decision to be be made the morning of the tournament)
  • All games to start simultaneously on schedule every 20 minutes.
  • Please bring a colored shirt consistent throughout your team as well as a white t-shirt (for home and away colors)
  • Small Concessions will be available for water, gatorade, homemade treats, and other snacks.

Beef Days 3 on 3 Rules:

  • 1 point – inside arc, 1 point for shooting foul,  2 points – outside arc
  • Coin toss or odd/even prior to each game will determine which team gets the first possession.
  • 15 min. Running clock- One 30 second timeouts per game per team. Clock continues to run during timeouts.
  • Player substitution is permitted during any dead ball situation
  • Ball must be “CLEARED” to the three point line on all change of possessions (this includes turnovers, missed shots and shots that miss the rim completely). Only 1 foot has to touch the three point line to be considered “CLEARED” to score. A violation occurs only if a basket is made by the team failing to properly “CLEAR”, and will result in loss of point scored and possession to the other team.
    After a made basket or dead ball situation play begins by checking the ball from the defense at the top of the key. The player taking the ball in must pass to a teammate. The defensive player guarding the person checking the ball (“INBOUNDER”) must remain inside the three point line until the “INBOUNDER” has passed the ball.
  • On a check, although the “INBOUNDER” cannot be pressured past the arc the other 2 defenders are not restricted.
  • The “INBOUNDER” must pass but CANNOT dribble the ball. Traveling will be called on the “INBOUNDER” if such a violation occurs.
  • Offense has 5 seconds to inbound the basketball after the check by defense.
  • Jump ball ALWAYS goes to the defense.
  • Overtime each team shoots 1 free throw until 1 makes and 1 misses – must continue to alternate and use ALL of your players for free throws. Coin toss or odd/even determines which team shoots first.
  • If a foul is called while a player is attempting a shot and the basket is made then count the basket, plus award an extra point.
  • Individual fouls will not be kept.
  • A technical foul will result in 2 points plus possession of the ball
  • The format of the tournament will be determined once all teams have entered. The format may vary by division, depending on the number of teams within a division.
  • Teams must be at their court at the scheduled time. A three-minute forfeit time will be strictly enforced.

2017 Beef Cup – 3 on 3 Soccer Tournament

Saturday July 22nd – SRNA YSF Field

Register online now.

The 3rd Annual “Beef Cup” 3v3 tournament is a Solon Beef Days sanctioned event, run by Solon FC.

Open to teams of:

  • 3rd/4th grades
  • 5th/6th grades
  • 7th/8th grades
  • High School/Open class.

Depending on the number of teams registered, the Beef Cup is formatted in either a round robin or a 2 pool round with a playoff for 1st/2nd place and 3rd/4th place.

Medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Each registered player will receive a “Beef Cup” t-shirt, while supplies last (only guaranteed with registrations received prior to 7/16). Minimum of 3 games (maximum 4) will be played by all teams.

REGISTRATION FEE – $15 per player.  Register online now.

Check-in 11:30 – 12:30 with games starting at 1:00. Online registration ends at midnight Wednesday 7/19.

Beef Cup guidelines:

  • Teams consist of a maximum of 5 players with 3 playing on the field at a time. Teams of 4-5 are encouraged.
  • Games will be two 12 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime. All games to start simultaneously.
    • If heat index exceeds: 90°F = 10 minute halves; 100°F = 8 minute halves
  • Shin Guards are mandatory!
  • No front cleats on shoes/No Football Cleats
  • No goalkeepers
  • Teams may be boys/girls/co-ed
  • Games will be played except for lightning or severe weather; cancellation will be at the discretion of tournament directors
  • Please bring a colored shirt constant throughout your team as well as a white t-shirt
  • Shirts must be worn during competition

New location for 2017 – Solon Recreation and Nature Area, YSF field

2017 T-Shirt Design

2017 Beef Days T-Shirt Design

Congratulations to Juan Santiago of North Liberty for submitting the winning T-Shirt design this year.

2017 Bean Bag Tournament Entry

Entries over the max of 64 will be placed on a waiting list in the order they were received, if you do not get into the tournament – your entry fee will be refunded or you can donate it to Solon Wrestling.

2017 Beef Days Bean Bag Tournament

Tournament starts at 1:00 pm Saturday, July 22.

Register now online or near the hay bale toss Friday night.
Entries over the max of 64 will be placed on a waiting list in the order they were received.

Proceeds to benefit the Solon Wrestling.

Bean Bag tournament rules:

  • 2 person teams – entry fee is $40 per team.
  • One team member on each end.
  • One team member on each side of the board.
  • Contestant must throw from behind the foul line.
  • Players on the same end (opposite teams) alternate turns throwing.
  • First team to reach 21 wins: 3 points for bag through the hole, 1 point for bag landing on board.
  • Points cancel each other: if Team A scores 5 points and Team B scores 3 then Team A officially scores 2 points.
  • Double Elimination tournament.  One game per round, winner of each game moves on.
  • Bags that hit the ground before landing on the board are considered a foul throw and must be removed before the next throw. Bags count if they are hanging over the edge of the board. If they are hanging over the front but touching the ground, a wrestler will lift the board up to see if the bag stays on or falls off before scoring is calculated.
  • The last team to score throws first.
  • If the board moves as a result of a throw it will be re-positioned after the last throw of the turn and before the next bags are thrown.

Register now online or near the hay bale toss Friday night.

2017 Donations

2017 :: Donations approved

Win with Reading Program $1,000
Lake MacBride State Park (Trail way/Eagle Scout project) $2,500
Boys Solon FC Soccer ($3,800) $1,500
Lake MacBride Fireworks (Cottage Reserve) $2,000
Boys HS Soccer program ($500/yr for two years) $500
KCRG Spotter Camera $900
Music on Main Street $500
Solon Dance Team (help at Kids Corner/Steak Sand.) $500
Solon Public Library (summer reading/ride tickets) $250
Solon Library Teen Advisory Board $300
Solon Robotics Team (8 students/regional/state) $2934 $1,450
Solon Boy Scout Troop 120 (camping funds) $500
Solon Lakeview PTO (Spartan Dash) $250
Solon Cubs Scouts pack#120 ($2,500) 40-45 boys $1,250
Solon Spotlight $2,000
Solon State Wrestling $300
Solon CSD BB Rebounder / Gun $500
Blue Lives Matter $250
Domestic Violence $500
Senior meals Sponsorship $300
Solon Legion Roof Repairs $5,000
Solon Senior Advocate for Senior Dining transition $3,000
Solon Fire Dept. Battery Op. Rescue Tools $10,000
Solon Splash Pad ($25,000 total commitment) per year $5,000

2017 Beef Days 5K & 1 Mile Run

Beef Days 5K & 1 Mile Run

Race Time:  7:30 am – 1 Mile & 5K
NOTE: Both races start at the same time – you will not be able to run both races this year.



Individual Pricing:

  • 1Mile – $10.00
  • 5K – $15.00 ($20/Race Day)
  • Solon Students K-12 – $7.00
  • Family* Pricing Option – $40.00;
    Add’l Family Member…..$5.00
    *(Family indicates 4 related individuals with the same primary residence)

T-shirt guarantee deadline June 30, 2017

Friday Packet Pick-up and Registration:
Main Street- Beef Days Booth 5 – 6:30pm

Race Day Registration: $20/person
St. Mary’s Church parking lot. 6:30-7:15 a.m.

Course & Parking:

Course maps:  The route will be the same as in past years.

Beef Days Race Map

Parking is available at the Solon Recreation and Nature Area.

Other Information:
Restrooms: SRNA Restrooms, Lakeview Softball Stand, Parking Lot Portables
Strollers welcome. Sorry- no dogs allowed.


All participants are eligible for Door Prizes!
Prizes will be awarded to the top male & female finishers in each race.  Medals to the top three male & female finishers in each age division

Age Divisions:

1 Mile: Under 5, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19 & up
5K: Under 15, 15-18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60 & up

2017 Horseshoe Tournament

Registration will begin at 12 noon. The tourney will begin at 1 PM.

Registration Fee:  $5

Rules & Information:

  • Teams of two will be drawn and each teams opponents will also be drawn.
  • Double elimination format.
  • Entry fee will be returned as a prize.
  • Trophies and cash prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.
  • Additional prizes are given out throughout the day.

2017 Schedule of Events

July 21 & 22, 2017

Ribeye Steak Dinners
Friday: 5:00pm to 9 pm and
Saturday: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
$12 for the ribeye dinner

Beer Tent
Miller Lite, Coors Lite, Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy, Blue Moon and Mike’s Hard Lemonade
Friday: 4 pm to 12:30 am
Saturday: 11 am to 12:30 am (Sunday)

Carnival on the Midway – Friday & Saturday
Unlimited rides with wristband purchase on Friday night ($20)

Friday July 21

    • 5:00 pm – The Swinging Doors
    • 6:00 pm – Solon Dance Team – Kids Corner
    • 6:30 pm – Pedal Tractor Pull – Kids Corner (Registration @ 5:30)
    • 7:00 pm – Hay Bale Toss (Registration @ 6:00)
    • 9:00 pm – The Pork Tornadoes

Saturday July 22

Print out a schedule and post at your business.